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About Us

Suncomm is a provider of end to end Enterprise IP Telephony Solutions, Contact Centre Solutions, Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) and more...

Who We Are

Suncomm is a provider of end- to- end solutions designed to meet the demands of small, medium and large organisations. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Suncomm has developed a portfolio of products and services to enable the delivery of all solutions. At STI, we provide learning, coaching and support solutions that connect our clients business objectives with long-term success.

Our competitive advantage is engrained in our expertise with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which serves as a launching point for clarifying your learning needs, based on your individual or team personality. We also provide corporate trainings and personal coaching services to businesses and individuals, with a focus on personality type dynamics on how to lead, have difficult conversations, managing change, coaching decision making, crisis management, ethics at work and how to manage your boss.
Our primary objective is to help develop skills to enable individuals and teams to tackle existing challenges within their organization.  

What We Do

◘ Our dedicated experts will help you build a Business Solution model that is scalable, consolidates, promotes efficiency and enhance business continuity.
◘ We provide professional services that improves individual and group performance.
◘ We can help you mine customer intelligence and get to the heart of consumer preferences and behaviors.

Our Values

◘ Cost-effective Professional Solutions
◘ Strong Relationship and Partnership
◘ Quality Assured Services and Processes

Are You Ready To Transform Your Customers' Experience?


Unit 100, First Floor CentreLink Building.
Methodist University
Dansoman Campus


Phone: +233 242 362 802